Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals

Posted on: April 24, 2009

Bare Minerals is supposedly the “first mineral makeup” that started the mineral makeup trend. I’m sure everyone has seen the Bare Minerals infomercial at least once. Bare Minerals claim to suit every skin type and is said to be so pure that you can sleep in it. But is it too good to be true?

Let’s take a look at the ingredients. Bare Minerals uses only five ingredients; Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxides, Mica and Bismuth Oxychloride. Here’s some information about these ingredients.

* Titanium Dioxide is widely used in cosmetics and skin care for its thickening and whitening properties. It provides a physical sunscreen and provides UVA and UVB protection. (Titanium Dioxide also makes Oreo cookies frosting extra-white and is the ‘M’ on M&M’s candy.)

* Zinc Oxide is also a physical sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection. It provides thickening and water resistance. Is known to be “calming” to the skin and will reduce irritation and promote healing. (It is in Desitin ointment for diaper rash and calamine lotion.)

* Bismuth Oxychloride is a pearlescent mineral that provides the “glow”.

* Mica is a sheer, translucent and skin-hugging mineral. Reflects light from the face, creating an illusion of a smoother, softer and more radiant skin tone.

* Iron Oxides provide the color to the foundation.
credit: Mineral Makeup Reviews

I purchased the Bare Minerals starter kit just to see what all the rage was about. Boy was I in for a surprise. The brushes are okay, but I did find them to be a little scratchy. The product didn’t really match my skin much. The coverage was good, but you can see where the product starts and where the product ends. Plus, my face started to to itch – especially on warmer days. Despite all that, I still used it (I’m not about to waste US$70) thinking maybe my skin wasn’t use to the product. After a week, I decided to stop using the foundation completely. My skin texture became dry and rough, and my face started sprouting pimples. It also didn’t last all day and left my face looking washed out. Then I read about Bismuth Oxychloride being an ingredient that can irritate the skin. I was pretty upset because something that claimed to be good for my skin, actually made it worse. I think I was better off using Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup instead. My mom is actually using Bare Minerals right now, and it works pretty good for her. Her face is glowing, and she hasn’t complained about any irritation, so that’s good. I recommend this product if you have normal to dry skin, because you’re face can look more oily using this product. I’d advise you to see if you’re allergic to Bismuth before using this product, or just try Bismuth-free mineral makeup.
Right now I’m currently using Everyday Minerals and I’m quite satisfied with it. I’ll be sure to give it a review once I’ve experiment with it more.
For more information on Bismuth Oxychloride and Bismuth-free mineral makeup, do visit Mineral Makeup Reviews.

// EDIT: My mom told me that her face started to itch after a while, so she’s allergic to bismuth too.

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