Clearderm Sheet Masks

Posted on: April 24, 2009

I’m a sucker for face masks, and I tend to try whatever I can just to see what it can do for my skin. One of my favorites so far is a korean brand called Clearderm. In a variety of masks (from whitening, green tea, royal jelly, ginseng, tomato, etc.), to help target your skin’s needs.
I’m pretty sure that there could be more, but these are the ones I came across so far.

There are 12 varieties:
Whitening – prevents pigmentation, liver spots and freckles and whitens skin beautifully in a natural way to treat sunburn parts and melanogenesis.
Green Tea – Decreases acne, and protects skin from sun damage
Royal Jelly – Protects skin from dehydration and prevents inflammation.
Seaweed – Detoxifies facial Pores, Purges out toxins leaving skin fresh and pure.
Aloe – Treats acne and scars, and is a anti-aging product.
Ginseng – Restores skin tone and gives back moisture
Apricot – Moisturize and replenish skin while strengthen skins natural moisture.
Potato – Restores skin tone and gives back moisture
Tomato – Softens and smooths out dry skin.
Lemon – Reduces blackheads gaining a brighter and more refresh complexion.
Cucumber – Has strong moisturizing abilities.
Herb – Improves health, vitality, and moisturizes.

I purchased the whitening, seaweed and green tea masks. When you open the package, the sheet mask is pretty big so I’m sure people wouldn’t have an issue about the size. The only thing that troubled me was that the eye area didn’t fit well, so I had to cut a bit of the mask so the inner corners wouldn’t bother my eyes. I always applied the mask at night, but if you prefer to it during the day, go right ahead. I left the mask on for about 20-30 minutes and peeled it off. It was very soothing and I love the tingle sensation it gave off (I’m a sucker for that too). After, whatever “essence” or liquid that was left on my face, I massaged it into my skin and neck. My skin was super soft and a few of my blemishes also went away and my skin felt a tad “tighter”. It gave my skin a nice glow and the smell was pretty nice too. I would definitely recommend these masks for people who have dry skin or anyone who want that extra moisture.

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I just bought the Royal Jelly, Whitening, Aloe Vera and Cucumber. So I DON’T wash my face again after I remove the cloth mask right?? I just massage in the excess?

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