MAC Friends & Family Sale: 25% Off!

Posted on: June 8, 2009

Holy Mother of Pearl, MAC is having its Friends and Family sale! This 3-day sale will only be available online June 16th through June 18th. You get a 25% discount off all products on their website. This is only available to US and Canadian MAC websites. Just enter promo code SUMO or SAVE25.

I’d advise you not to wait it out and order as soon as you can. Things tend to go out of stock real fast. I’m definitely going to purchase a few things. I hope you girls get what you want and happy hauling!

// EDIT: If you order below $60, and you want free shipping, just use promo code LASH69 (thanks to luminouz at MakeupGeek forums), and you can pay for 2nd day shipping if you want. 😀 And the Naked Honey Collection is now available online! Check it out ladies!


14 Responses to "MAC Friends & Family Sale: 25% Off!"

oh wow! that’s a nice one 🙂 hehe
enjoy the haul! 😀

Thanks dear! 😀

I love cosmetics! Just tweeted (@SeattleSingle) and posted two great discount codes for Bobbi Brown and MAC. Do you ever use Bobbi Brown or MAC exclusively?

MAC Cosmetics 25% Online only http://tinyurl.com/nm8q6d
Bobbi Brown 25% off June 8-11 http://tinyurl.com/l57j68

I have no Bobbi Brown products. The only thing I have close to Bobbi Brown is her makeup book (which I adore BTW), and with MAC – only very few. I’m trying to just purchase things from MAC that I know I can’t find anywhere else. As much as I do like MAC, I’m more interested in other brands when it comes to cosmetics.

I’ve no BB either. But after attended the beauty workshop which I won from a blog contest recently , oh my I’m in love! Too bad BB is expensive here I cant afford them!

Guess I just have to wait for Estee Lauder Companies sale, then only I can afford BB. =)

BB is expensive everywhere, lol. I haven’t been lucky with contests lately, but I still join for the heck of it, haha. It rare to get sales here though, and when there is, its either online or you have to buy a certain amount to get a discount.

But atleast u still get a discount. MAC here never is on sale, except for the annual Estee Lauder Companies Staff sale, which of course doesnt count at all. Hehee

Hey I havent been lucky with contest for the pat few months. Guess June is just my lucky month. =P

Yea, I haven’t been so lucky, but I still join anyway just for fun, haha. When MAC is on sale here, everyone flocks to it. I don’t even get a chance to buy most of the stuff I want. So in order to do so, I have to wake up super early and be there before everyone gets to it first, haha.

wow. 25% eh.
not baddd for mac since they never have sales (not counting the EL companies sale)
but will have to see if malaysian spree-r are taking orders or not

Yea, I don’t usually get overly hyped when it comes to MAC, but a sale from them is like once every blue moon. I hope you find someoner who’s taking orders dear.<3

thanks for commenting! i wished i live in the US for those discount codes! thanks for sharing!

😀 No problem dear! Hopefully there could be sales that doesn’t exclude anyone next time.

[…] US and Canadian beauties, don’t forget about the MAC F&F Sale from tomorrow to Wednesday! Happy shopping! Tags: Beauty, MAC, Makeup, Makeup Collections, […]

[…] that doesn’t include skin care or other items. So I’m sure everyone knew about the MAC 25% Off F&F Sale. Let me tell you, I ordered on the 16th around 1 o’clock, and so many things were already […]

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