Merlot Grapeseed Moisturizer

Posted on: June 10, 2009

So I made a haul post last month and I must say, this is one of my favorite moisturizers this year. My HG moisturizer is the Olay Complete. I have sensitive combination/oily skin, so I’m scared of trying new products because when my skin freaks out – it freaks out. But to my surprise, it works great for my skin – especially now since its summer. The smell is really nice – its a cross between a grape and some kind of berry. I like the formulation of this and it didn’t leave my skin oily at all. It has a mouse-like texture and feels really light. The thing I like most about it is that it absorbs into your skin pretty quick. What I love about this moisturizer as well is that it also contains dimethicone, which can be found in face primers. I usually use a face primer or my homemade mixing medium to help my mineral foundation stay on longer, but I don’t use it much anymore because my foundation lasts all day with the moisturizer alone! Some of my acne has gone away after using this as well. I totally recommend this for those who have oily skin and for those who are looking for a good moisturizer during the summer. I’m not so sure about the winter since it does absorb into the skin fairly quick and you might have reapply a few times. People with dry skin might not benefit from this moisturizer much since the consistency of it isn’t thick enough.

PROS: Lightweight, absorbs quickly, doesn’t leave your skin oily
CONS: Maybe too light for the winter, bulky packaging


Random? Yes, I’m going to talk a bit about food right now. So I was super hungry yesterday and was craving some chicken wings. I wanted to try the Atomic wings, so I bought that along with Cajun wings, and let me tell you – the Cajun wings taste so much better than Atomic. Atomic was crappy as hell. Its just chicken super drenched in all the spices you can think of. It’s not even that spicy like a lot of people has said it was. It did have a little “kick” to it, but not a “fire in the hole” flavor. My friend actually coughed a bit caused the spices were a little overwhelming, but he said it wasn’t that spicy either. My boyfriends’ dad could make a spicer chicken wing than that, haha. Aside from the spices, it had a super sour taste to it too (thank goodness I had some ranch around). So those of you who heared about Atomic wings being super hot and have yet to try it out, give it a shot. Its not so “Atomic” as people said it is.

5 Responses to "Merlot Grapeseed Moisturizer"

Good review 😀 Great that it has multi-purpose use, hehe. Too bad we don’t have Merlot on my side of the world..
Hey the chicken looks soooo tasty it made me hungry lol

I try to look for multi-purpose products so I don’t have to use a lot of stuff. You can order online, but I’m not sure if they ship out of US. Chicken is super delicious – if made right of course, LOL.

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I have seen the Merlot Grapeseed at Walgreens and remember someone mentioning on their blog. After seeing your review I am sold!! Going to pick some up up later today! hehe..

Awesome! I hope it works well for you! 😀

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