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A lot of us already know that yogurt is good for our bodies. Yogurt is also known as a beauty food and is a good effective remedy for acne. Yogurt contains lactic acid (an alpha-hydroxy acid) and a number of nutrients that may mildly stimulate collagen production in the skin. It is both a dietary component and a natural remedy that contains numerous antibiotic properties. It has the ability to make your skin smoother, softer and less prone to acne breakouts. Yogurt can also double as a cleanser due to its antifungal properties.

I recommend plain non-fat yogurt because it has because its lighter on the skin and won’t be too overwhelming – especially for combination/oily skin. Normal to dry skin can try low-fat yogurt. I use yogurt with aspirin, since I don’t like the stickiness of honey much. It does make your skin soft and supple.

Some remedies to get you going:

  • Honey, Egg Yolk & Yogurt Mask
    It will exfoliate dead skin cells and gives your skin extra moisture. Safe for the eye area.
    2 Tablespoons of raw, natural honey
    1 Egg Yolk
    2 Tablespoons Plain Yogurt
    Mix everything together and apply all over your face. Leave the mask on for about 30 minutes and rinse off well with warm water.


  • Yogurt and Oatmeal Mask
    2 Tablespoons of Plain Yogurt
    1 Tablespoon of Oatmeal
    1 Tablespoon of Honey
    After washing your face, massage the paste on your skin in a circular motion. Then leave it on for about 2 minutes, then rinse off.


  • Yogurt and Aloe Mask
    1/2 Cup of Plain Yogurt
    2 Tablespoons of Aloe Gel (or a fresh aloe leaf)
    Mix ingredients together to form a paste (using fresh aloe leaf – remove the skin and mash the pulp). After washing your face, apply all over and wait for 3 mintues then rinse off.


  • Yogurt and Orange Juice Whitening Treatment
    1 Tablespoon of Yogurt
    4-5 of Orange Juice
    Mix and apply to your face and leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse off. Use everyday for a month.

Remember that each person is different. What works for one person, may not work for another. Do experiment and test out certain amounts to see what’s good for you. For more DIY Beauty, do visit VivaWoman, Essential Day Spa and Leon’s Beauty Tips and Secrets. I’ll be back with a mini haul and some reviews, so do sit tight!


Honey, we use it as a sweetner alternative in our drinks and food. So what benefits does honey have on our skin? Unlike most over-the-counter or prescription acne products that can dry or irritate your skin, honey is soothing and can be applied onto the skin and taken internally. Honey is known to be one of the best natural acne fighting ingredients.

Honey is said to have a “smoothing” effect, improve complexion, make your skin glow and maintain oil balance. So what is in honey made up of you ask?

  • Honey is composed of sugars such as glucose and fructose as well as minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium chlorine, sulphur, iron and phosphate.
  • Honey also contains vitamins such as B1, B2, C, B6, B5 and B3.
  • Copper, iodine, and zinc also exist honey but in small quantities.
  • Honey is a humectant, meaning it works as a natural moisturizer.
  • Has a high content of acid and is a powerful natural antioxidant. sister

After a few uses, you can see a reduction in size and redness, fade scars, reduce Inflammatory and noninflammatory acne on face, gives skin clarity and doesn’t clog your pores. Here are some DIY recipes you might want to try out. I recommend that you try to find raw honey, which works much better and faster. And if you’re able to get your hands on Manuka Honey, even better. But if you can’t, regular honey can do.

  • Honey Alone
    > Place a warm cloth on your face to open your pores, after apply honey and leave on for 15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. Can be very sticky & messy.

  • Honey, Egg Yolk & Yogurt Mask
    > Exfoliate dead skin cells, gives skin moisture, has a pleasant tightening feeling as well as giving your skin a glow. Whisk these ingredients, apply and leave on for 30 minutes then rinse with warm water.
    – 2 TBS honey
    – 1 egg yolk
    – 2 TBS plain yogurt

  • Honey & Cinnamon
    > Mix the ingredients and apply on acne everynight for 30 minutes then rinse with warm water.
    – 3 tablespoons of honey
    – 1 tablespoon of cinnamon

  • Honey, Cinnamon & Nutmeg
    > For acne. Cinnamon for acne and nutmeg to reduce inflammation.
    – 3 teaspoons of honey
    – 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
    – 1 teaspoon of nutmeg

  • Honey & Milk
    > Mix and smooth over face and throat. Good as a moisture mask.
    – 2 tablespoons honey
    – 2 teaspoons milk

I don’t recommend this if you are allergic to honey or any of the ingredients above.

Asprin masks have been around for a while now and has now become a popular acne treatment amongst a lot of women. I’ve always had clear skin, but after my high school graduation, acne started surfacing. I read about the aspirin mask in mid 2005. I was skeptical at first since the thought of having it irritating and aggravating my acne scared me a bit. Two years later after trying some other alternatives that didn’t work, I decided to give the mask a shot. To my surprise, it cleared my face up a whole lot.

Aspirin is actually a form of Beta Hydroxy Acids or BHA’s, which are found in many skin creams and work by exfoliating the dull, dead layers of skin, revealing fresh new skin underneath. Over time, BHA’s can help clarify skin tone and promote healing of blemishes.”essentialdayspa

Uncoated aspirin is perferred since it doesn’t take long to dissolve. You can get generic Target or Walgreens brands. If you don’t like grainy textures, BC Powder aspirin is a good choice and is more gentle on skin.

You can make the aspirin mask several ways:

  • 3-5 uncoated aspirin
    1 teaspoon of warm water
    Leave it on for about a few minutes and rinse off with water
    *people have said that as the mask was drying, it irritated their nose.


  • 3-5 uncoated aspirin
    1 teaspoon/tablespoon of honey (manuka honey if possible)
    Leave it on for 5-10 mintues then rinse off with water
    *people have complained about the honey making the mask too “drippy”.


  • 3-5 uncoated aspirin
    1 tablespoon/tablespoon of plain yogurt
    *people have said using yogurt made their skin extra soft.

    other alternatives
    You can try aloe vera, mix with honey & lemon, or anything that contains glycolic and lactic acids to mix with aspirin. Just experiment to your skin’s needs. Aspirin can be drying, so do opt for a good moisturizer and a good sunblock as aspirin can make your skin a little sensitive.

Never use more than 5 or 6 aspirin tablets. People have reported dizziness and fainting after using about 6 aspirins. I personally use only 2-4 tablets depending on how big the tablets are. If you are allergic to aspirin, I do not recommend this mask. Please check with a professional to see if aspirin mask is right for you.

Because of my itchy fingers, I have some bad acne scars on my cheeks. I was trying to look for something that would help reduce them and I came across this post a few weeks back. Nutmeg supposedly has anti-inflammatory properties. I was a bit skeptic at first, but since the ingredients were accessible (I bought everything from Walgreens for under US$5), why not?

I didn’t really follow through the whole post, but all I did was mix a half a spoonful of nutmeg and a spoonful of honey (raw if possible) and mixed it into a paste. Then I applied it to my scars and left it on for about 35 minutes. There’s a bit of tingling when you first apply it, but it goes away. Then I rinsed it out and noticed that the area wasn’t dry and tight like it use to be. The area was much smoother and I really liked that. I’ve been using it for about more than a week now and the scars have slowly diminished. Either than the smell, I’m pretty happy with it and will continue to use it. Its said that if you use aloe vera after, the results are much faster. I ran out of aloe vera, so I only got to try it a few times. Milk is said to work too, but makes your skin a little sensitive. If you’re allergic to nutmeg or honey, I’d advise you not to try it.
For more info on this homemade beauty remedy & more DIY beauty, do visit VivaWoman.



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