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I totally forgot about my YOTW! I thought I posted it up and when I went to check – it wasn’t there. Anywho, I’m posting it now, so its ok! This week’s YOTW is oxfordjasmine. She’s a really sweet person and gives awesome tips (you have to check her contouring vid – very informative!). What I like most about her is that she uses cruelty free makeup (which I think all of us should look into). All of her videos are great to watch and I’m sure alot of you would appreciate her tips as well. So do give her channel a visit and show her blog some love as well!

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It’s been so long! School really sucks, I have finals this week and I haven’t even finished my project final for my design class. Anywho, enough about that – let’s talk our next youtuber, Nireyna. She’s located in Ukraine and I must say – she’s one super talented makeup artist. She is one of the few people that I’ve seen master the pencil technique beautifully and I wish I could be half as good as her one day. She’s one of the most creative people I know on youtube and her channel definitely deserves a visit. She also has a website called, Beauty Art and I must say, her work is seriously a piece of art.


UPDATE: Nireyna’s channel was hacked (I swear some people have no life at all) and right now Nireyna has a new channel and is currently uploading her old videos (She had over 200! I’d be so pissed). So any of you who enjoy her videos and was her subscriber, please do give her a visit at BeautyARTStudio.

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I know that I said this YOTW feature is a bi-weekly feature, but I wanted to post just a few more youtube channels up before I officially make it bi-weekly. This next youtuber is TraclynYeoh, she’s from Malaysia and I love her DIY Beauty section. I tried her clay mask and toner technique, and I love it. I’m going to try out her DIY chocolate mask real soon! Her channel also includes great snack recipes that are easy to make. Keep a good watch on her channel because I know there are tons of more great vids coming. She just recently added a vid called, “Kawaii Manga Tutorial“, so do give it a look. Also, show Traclyn some love by visiting her blog, Voguefemme!

// EDIT: Traclyn was really nice to award me 2009 Friendship award. She’s so sweet! Thanks dear!

On my older blog, I was doing a bi-weekly feature called, “Youtuber of the Week”. Meaning I choose a youtube channel, explaining what the channel is about (most likely skin care or beauty), and I’m just simply recommending them. I know there are lots of beauty youtube channels, and most of the time some channels aren’t shown enough love. So to continue, I give you rosebabe888. She’s from China and she does Japanese style makeup. If you’re a ViVi mag fan (like myself), I think you would enjoy her channel. She has some great tips & techs on doing nails too (I adore her leopard print nails vid), so do give her a visit!



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