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images from Digital Gravel
I haven’t done any “On the Rise” articles lately because I realized I’m not good at writing much about fashion (I looked back at my other posts – and YUCK). Anywho, I wanted to give it another try since I don’t want this blog to be mainly about makeup & beauty. This next brand I’m going to talk about has to be one of my most favorite clothing brands to date – 12 Grain.

I accidentally came across this brand when I was looking for Imaginary Foundation, which I will be writing about a little later. I was just clicking random brands and clicked 12 grain since I’ve never seen it before. I saw this really nice shirt called, “Sneaker Head” and fell in love immediately. It was an image of a boy surrounded by shoeboxes and had tons of sneakers stacked on top of his head. I was lucky to find one of his shirts at a Zumies store where I was called, “Walrus Mask” (I believe) and had to purchase it right away. Its my favorite shirt of all time. All artwork for 12 Grain is by Sam Flores, an artist located in San Francisco. His art is really eye catching, innovative – everything is just so unique. I love that he uses lots of pastels and warm colors in his designs. I like the fact that 12 grain doesn’t have neon colored or super bright colored shirts like most brands are doing nowadays. I like that they’re basic colors and the designs itself draws the attention. I encourage everyone to check this brand out. Its definitely worth the look!

See more of Sam Flores’ artwork on his blogspot and do visit his main wesbite. For his clothing, do check Upper Playground or Digital Gravel.


In my last “On The Rise” article, I talked about Kallusive Clothing and their use of color, vectors and quotes. They are one of the many few clothing companies out there that I think uses these mediums well. Another clothing brand that I also like is Artful Dodger. Artful Dodger combines detailed designs mixed with textures as well as unique quotes and names. The thing I like most about Artful Dodger is the names that they choose for each design. The names are all unique and goes with each design real well. I have one of their shirts (Boy’s size small, haha) called the “Death of a Craftsman Tee” (shown above) and I absolutely love it. The front is kept simple with just a small logo on the upper right side of the shirt while the back showcases a stunning skeleton (hence Death of a Craftsman) design surrounded by crazy vines, branches, pins, scissors as well as a ribbon wrapped around it naming “Death of a Craftsman”. Everything about this shirt just flows perfectly. Its crazy, every time I wear this shirt, I feel as if I have a huge tattoo on my back!

I have to admit though, I adore their older collections more, simply because to me they’re more unique and eye catching – but I still like this clothing line. This line is definitely worth the look and do visit Artful Dodger’s website, Artful Dodger Collection and you can purchase their clothing at Karmaloop.

On my older blog, I was doing a bi-weekly feature called, “Youtuber of the Week”. Meaning I choose a youtube channel, explaining what the channel is about (most likely skin care or beauty), and I’m just simply recommending them. I know there are lots of beauty youtube channels, and most of the time some channels aren’t shown enough love. So to continue, I give you rosebabe888. She’s from China and she does Japanese style makeup. If you’re a ViVi mag fan (like myself), I think you would enjoy her channel. She has some great tips & techs on doing nails too (I adore her leopard print nails vid), so do give her a visit!

Kallsive AD feat. Mike Song of Kaba Modern and G4D

I didn’t know about Kallusive until I started seeing my boyfriend wearing the brand about a year or two ago. I was really curious about this brand and came across their website. It was love. Kallusive Clothing mixes stylish vector and grunge art with bold colors and creative typography and quotes. Each design is eye catching, unique and has a message.

The Kabuki Tee Military Shirt is by far one of my favorites as well as some of their older designs. Some of the well known dance crews that are sponsored by this brand. Which include Kaba Modern, Fysh N Chicks from America’s Best Dance Crew, as well as Underground Flow, Team Millennia and much more. This brand is definitely here to stay and will get even bigger in future. So be sure to give Kallusive Clothing a look.

Kallusive also has launched a new line called, “Smash The Cookie Cutter” as well as their Spring ’09 Collection. So what are you waiting for?
Kallusive AD - Smash The Cookie Cutter
Images Courtesy of Kallusive



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